Not so very long ago, the ground on which our vines grow now, was territory of the tumultuous Zuiderzee. 

Cold and quick-tempered, the water here ruled over life and death for centuries, at times bringing blessing and bliss, at other times grief.

Meanwhile, this wild sea has been conquered by man, the flood banished behind the dykes and the seabed itself reforged in our dominion.

At seven meters under sea level, amongst shells, sand and clay, we are capturing the spirit of this heritage in a bottle:

From foam to bubbles,
from water to wine  – a flavoursome tribute to the turbulent past.

Bruut & Bruizend

Vintage sparkling wine traditionally fermented in the bottle, using only yeasts from our own vineyard. No added sulphite, no filtration and zero dosage – a pure representative of its terroir – produced, disgorged and bottled on our estate.

Currently sold out!


1 bottle
2 engraved glasses
Limited Edition

€ 65,-

Gift of 3

3 bottles
in decorative

€ 150,-

Box of 6

6 bottles

€ 300,-

Free delivery in Germany and The Netherlands. Charges for other countries on request.

Fresh citrus aromas in the nose, defining as lime on the palate, accompanied by zest and a tiny pinch of salt. The more it opens, the more it shows delicate notes of brioche. The fine mousse conjures a pleasant lightness to the luscious mouthfeel.


Unfortunately, we are momentarily sold out. Reservations for the »Edition Bronze 2019« and the »Edition Silver 2018« will be accepted as from February.

Please come around again then.